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Fort Worth mom concerned after son found wandering at wrong bus stop

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A Fort Wort mom is breathing a sigh of relief after good Samaritans found her son wandering at the wrong bus stop after school in triple digit heat tonight. She wants answers from Fort Worth ISD and reassurance that it won't happen again.

Like many parents, Stephanie Garcia-Chacon carefully prepared an after-school plan for her children. She said they should ride the bus to the Thomas Place Community Center in Fort Worth, and she picks them up from there.

She says her son’s father filled out a form from the school district indicating exactly where the six-year-old would exit the bus after leaving North Hi Mount Elementary School. So, she wasn't expecting to hear troubling news when her phone rang last Thursday.

“I got a call from my apartment complex that they had my son with them in the office,” Garcia-Chacon said.

The apartment agent said two people found her son wandering near the complex, which is about a ten-minute drive from he was supposed to be at the community center.

“A few strangers that lived in the complex as I do, found him crying,” she said. “He was pretty upset. He was hot and sweating.”

Garcia-Chacon said she rushed from work to the apartment complex in a panic as she thought about her son in the hands of people he didn't know.

“It could've turned out so badly. I mean he's six. Not everyone in this world is nice. And my heart sank thinking of what could've happened,” she said.

While there is relief, Garcia-Chacon wants to know where the ball was dropped. She said her son's grandmother sent an email to the district for answers. She shared a reply email with NBC 5 from the Executive Director of Transportation, assuring them there would be a follow up.

NBC 5 also made contact with a Fort Worth ISD spokesperson on Monday. We were told the district is aware of the incident and they are looking into what happened and expect to have answers in the coming days.

In the meantime, Garcia-Chacon was pleased to see that her son had a tag on his backpack the following day indicating precisely where he should get off the bus.

“Have a system in place,” she said. “Make sure the school is communicating with the bus driver and they know where they're going and who's getting off at what stop.”

Garcia-Chacon said she practices their address with her son periodically so he knows it by memory in the event of an emergency.

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