Fort Worth Mayor Price Upset Over Insurance Company's “Insensitive” Questions About Injured Officer

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is demanding answers from the city’s contracted insurance company,  the CorVel corporation, which handles Fort Worth’s workers compensation claims.

Last week, when Sgt. Shane Drake was shot and critically injured in the line of duty, a CorVel representative showed up at the hospital, upsetting many officers and family members with questions, city officials said Saturday.

“The representative showed up unexpectedly,” said Price. “And asked many questions that were very insensitive. We don’t want any officer – or any city employee for that matter – to be treated so insensitively in a time like that. This  was an officer who was fighting for his life.”

Price refused to comment on what specifically was asked of the officer’s family, but she has requested a sit down with the CorVel CEO. She said that will happen this Thursday.

Meanwhile, Price said Saturday Drake is in stable condition and continues to improve.

Price also told NBC 5 this is not the first time Fort Worth has received complaints about CorVel. She said over the past two months, several city employees  - including some police officers – have come forward with complaints on what they call inappropriate handling of their workers compensation claims.

Attempts by NBC 5 to reach CorVel for contact have gone unanswered..

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