Fort Worth Man Hailed a Hero in NYC

A North Texas man is being hailed as a hero during his first visit to New York City.

Garrett O'Hanlon was visiting his sister this past week for his birthday.

Early Sunday morning, the Air Force Cadet and his sister were on the subway platform at the Columbus Circle train stop. That's when they noticed a man had fallen about five feet down onto the train tracks.

"I looked over and saw him down there and everyone started to scream," O'Hanlon told our sister station, WNBC.

O'Hanlon couldn't hoist the man on his own, two other good Samaritans jumped down to help.

"The people on the platform were pulling him up, pulling us up, it was like collaboration of teamwork," said O'Hanlon, who was raised in Fort Worth.

The Fossil Ridge grad made his father here in North Texas, proud.

"You always tell them to do the right thing, well he did the right thing!" Brian O'Hanlon said.

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