Fort Worth Leader Holds Town Hall — on Board Train

TEXRail has served 55,000 passengers in its first two weeks

A Fort Worth city leader on Wednesday held a town hall meeting about the future of transportation – on a moving train.

Council member Carlos Flores said he wanted to promote new TEXRail service between downtown and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The Northside Station is in his district.

"Who's here from District 2?" he asked passengers as the train pulled away. Several dozen made the trip.

"It feels special that we're inaugurating this special occasion," Flores said. "Thank you for being here.

"I think this is awesome. This is my first trip."

Darrell Talley, who represented a senior citizens' center, said it was his first trip on TEXRail.

"I was telling my wife I didn't know they had the tables here, how comfortable the seats are," Talley said. "This is nice."

Talley wondered how rail will change the city.

"This is the start, and we're waiting for the finish," he said.

Flores said he hoped the service would grow to the south, but is pleased with the new route.

"Admittedly, Fort Worth has been on the long track, if you will, in trying to get to this point," he said. "We finally arrived!"

Roxanne Martinez, secretary of the Diamond Hills neighborhood, said she also was riding the train for the first time.

"I'm really excited about it coming, specifically to my neighborhood," she said. "You know it opens up possibilities for jobs, at the airport, and all over DFW."

The group stopped in Grapevine at Chill Grill for more questions and answers before hopping back on the train for the trip to Northside Station.

TEXRail has served 55,000 passengers in its first two weeks.

The trip is free through January. After that, a ride will cost $2.50 and day passes are $5.

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