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Fort Worth ISD to Recommend Termination for Teacher Who Tweeted to President Trump

Fort Worth ISD's school board voted unanimously Tuesday night to recommend termination for a teacher who was placed on leave after allegedly sending anti-immigrant tweets to President Donald Trump.

Georgia Clark, who taught English at Carter-Riverside High School, was reporting undocumented students in her school district in the tweets. She tweeted the school had been "taken over" by "illegal students from Mexico," adding that Trump was elected "on the promise that a wall would be built in order to protect our borders."

The tweets have since been deleted.

At a board meeting, more than a dozen teachers, parents and former students spoke to the board all in support of firing Clark. 

"It's time for the school board to decide, which side are you on? The school board needs to act immediately to make sure this woman never teaches in Texas again," teacher Erin Moran said.

Several also asked the board to go a step further, ensuring Clark won't ever be able to teach again in the state.

"The remarks created a threat that will directly result in children missing the education to which they're legally entitled, because their parents will keep them home out of fear," Mindia Whittier said.

The Hispanic student population in Fort Worth Independent School District is nearly 63%.

"Fort Worth serves 86,000 students and it's our goal that we treat each one with dignity and respect. And based on the information we have, we believe this is the most responsible recommendation at this time," Superintendent Kent Scribner said.

Clark has been investigated after a series of complaints about inappropriate behavior and comments, according to district records obtained by NBC 5.

In 2013, she was suspended after she allegedly referred to a group of students as "Little Mexico" and another student as "white bread."

She is also under investigation after a recent complaint that when a student asked to go to the bathroom, she responded, "Show me your papers saying you are legal."

Clark has not been available for comment.

But according to district documents, she told an investigator she didn't know her tweets to President Trump were public.

Clark will now have an opportunity to appeal the school board's recommendation.

NBC 5's Scott Gordon and Allie Spillyards contributed to this report.

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