Fort Worth ISD Receives $600,000 From Federal Grant to Combat Human Trafficking

NBC 5 News

Fort Worth ISD received a federal grant providing up to $600,000 annually to develop and implement programs to prevent human trafficking victimization, the district said Monday in a press release.

The first part of the grant begins this summer with a prevention campaign called "Don't Get Tricked," focused on alerting individuals on how they might be approached by human traffickers online.

The district is one of eight school districts nationwide in the three-year program, which aims to fund three objectives:

  • Increasing teachers’ understanding of the complexities of human trafficking
  • Increasing students’ understanding of protective factors
  • Training qualified student support services staff to implement and replicate the project activities District-wide

Programs for students begin as early as fourth and fifth grade, the district said. The district also said it is partnering with two non-profit organizations, Unbound North Texas and 3Strands Global Foundation, as part of the grant.

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