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Woman filming cops injured in arrest, Fort Worth Police investigating use of force

Carolyn Rodríguez, known as CFW Carolina, reportedly sustained injuries while being taken into custody in Fort Worth

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The Fort Worth Police Department is investigating one of its own officers after a local social media influencer was hospitalized following an arrest early on Sunday morning.

According to a news release, Fort Worth Police officers responded to the 1000 block of Foch Street just before 3:30 a.m. after reports of a hit-and-run crash.

Police said the crash involved a suspected intoxicated driver who slammed into another car and building before fleeing the scene on foot.

As officers tried to investigate the crash, a woman allegedly approached them. Fort Worth police said an officer told the woman multiple times to move across the street, but she did not comply, resulting in her being arrested.

During the arrest, the woman was hurt after an officer used force to take her into custody, the police department said. The woman was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment and booked into jail after she was released.

The woman arrested was identified as Carolyn Rodríguez.

"I had a concussion," Rodríguez said to NBC 5. "My shoulder was taken out of joint. My elbow was taken out of my joint. And then the contusions, stitches here on my lips (and eye)."

Initial booking records showed that Rodríguez was held at Lon Evans Corrections Center on a $4,000 bond and charged with public duties, resisting arrest and/or detention, evading arrest, and false alarm or report. Rodríguez has bonded out since then.

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"Sunday morning, I was out filming, which I usually do in the entertainment district," said Rodríguez.

"A bunch of us we cop-watch. And all we do is we film the police while they're doing their duties just to make sure they're not violating anybody's rights."

Rodríguez, also known as CFW Carolina in Fort Worth, has 87,500 subscribers on her YouTube channel. The channel aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding the out-of-control criminal justice system and educate the public about their rights and how to exercise them, according to the channel's bio.

She was live streaming when the incident happened, and the video has received over 75,000 views since. In the video, which lasts about seven minutes, Rodríguez can be seen and heard questioning some of the officers and what seems to be a tow truck driver.

Towards the end of the stream, Rodríguez approached two female officers and prepared to ask them another question. However, a male officer approached her and told her to "go to the other side of the street."

"There's no investigation. There's no nothing," Rodríguez can be heard responding to the police officer in the YouTube video.

Viewers could hear Rodríguez and the unidentified officer arguing before the officer threatened to arrest her and then proceeded to do so. There was a brief scuffle before the video darkened, and the officer yelled, 'Stop resisting!"

Shortly after, Rodríguez appeared unresponsive, and someone else said, "She's bleeding!"

"I remember waking up in a hospital, and that was it," said Rodríguez. "I don't know how I fell. I don't know how he pushed me down."

Fort Worth City Councilman Chris Nettles released a statement on Tuesday, June 25, about Rodríguez's arrest and called for the police department to release bodycam footage of the incident.

"It was alarming," Nettles said to NBC 5. "We should see the officer's body camera footage."

Nettles also publicly called for an Executive Session to discuss the issue with police command staff.

On Tuesday afternoon, Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker announced the meeting would take place Friday at 3 p.m. Nettles has also asked for a meeting that would allow for public comment.

"One of the things that we are blamed for is not listening to our constituents," said Nettles.

"And so, I think it's important before we go on our break, let them come in. Let us hear what they have to say."

The Fort Worth Police Department said this incident, including the use of force, is being investigated by the Fort Worth Police Department.

"We are committed to accountability and transparency in all our operations and will ensure that this investigation is thorough and impartial," said Fort Worth Police.

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