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Fort Worth Increases Patrols For New Year's Eve

Call 911 if gunfire is heard in your neighborhood

Fort Worth is gearing up for a gargantuan New Year’s Eve celebration with thousands expected to descend on Sundance Square for the annual party.

Fort Worth Police said safety is their first priority and they will have extra patrols and security at the celebration and in neighborhoods.

"Watch your surroundings. Just kind of know what's going on around you," Ofc. Tamara Valle said. "If you see something kind of goofy and kind of not right, go ahead and report that.” 

Bass Security will work with the department and police officials encourage residents to be an active part of safety and security.

“If you do see something on social media that represents a threat or something that could be going on let us know and we can take a look at it," Valle said.

Police said citizens can expect to see extra patrols.

"We will have more DWI officers out on the street for that weekend,” Valle said. “It's also Tarrant County no refusal weekend, which means you will be required to provide either a breath test or blood if you are not willing to do that and it's mandatory."

Police also reminded that fireworks are illegal in city limits and officers will patrol neighborhoods and confiscate any they find.

Valle said gunfire is becoming a major problem during personal celebrations.

"That is a big issue. It sounds sometimes like a war zone out here on New Year's Eve. It's very dangerous,” Valle said. “The bullet comes out. It goes up. It has to go somewhere and we don't want it coming down on a child or someone who is just out trying to have fun that night."

Valle urged citizens to call 911 if gunfire is heard in your neighborhood. Call the non-emergency number for fireworks.

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