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Fort Worth Hospital Nurse Turns Detective to Find Owner of Lost Wedding Ring

The wedding band has yet to be claimed almost two years after it was found at Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth

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Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth has a mystery on campus. Its Director of Risk Management, a nurse by training, put on her detective hat trying to solve it.

"I would so love to find the owner of this ring," Mary Lewis said.

The ring was found in the hospital cafeteria during the pandemic. It's gone unclaimed for nearly 2-years.

It is a simple two-toned wedding band. The inside is engraved with the date '7-30-1955.' It also has the initials 'BAR to', followed by initials that are too worn to read clearly. Then, there is a Bible verse.

"The Bible verse just makes me feel as if it's a love story," Lewis said, adding that she didn't want to divulge the verse to make sure it goes to the rightful owner. "If this ring is a reminder of that love story, I just really want to participate in that, hopefully, happy reunion."

Lewis posted to an online Facebook forum for lost/found wedding rings with no luck. She has scoured records on the internet from Tarrant and Johnson Counties. She also tried looking up state marriage records.

"But their online public records for marriages, as I understand, it only goes through 1960-something," Lewis said. "I like to try to solve things, and this has been a puzzle that I just can't solve."

Lewis hopes to solve the wedding ring mystery before she retires on June 4 this year.

"I just really want to get this ring back to whoever it belongs to," Lewis said.

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