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Fort Worth Hospital Experiences Summertime Baby Boom

Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center care team welcomes more than 100 babies in 91 hours

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Just days before the Fourth of July, the labor & delivery team at Andrews Women's Hospital at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth has been busy delivering a record number of babies: 107 babies were delivered during two separate baby booms only a few days apart. 

Beginning June 24, 52 babies – 25 baby girls and 27 baby boys – were delivered in 47 hours.

Then, a second baby boom started on June 28, when the care team welcomed 55 babies in 44 hours, including one set of twin girls. This baby boom beats the hospital’s record of babies delivered in 2018 in a short timeframe exactly three years ago to the day. 

"Monday and Tuesday we hit 55 and continue to break our own records," said Dr. Jay Herd, OBGYN at Baylor Scott and White All Saints Medical Center. "We thought it was going to be higher the last few months because of the pandemic, but didn't see the baby boom until now so people must've gotten more reassured."

Among the group, boy names "Atlas" and “Daniel” were popular. Six of the baby girls were named “Gianna,” and “Reign” was also a popular name for the baby girls.

While Andrews Women's Hospital is known as a high-volume delivery hospital, the influx in births was considered rare and exceptional. The hospital averages about 16 deliveries per day, and welcomed nearly 6000 babies in 2020, including 100 sets of twins and two sets of triplets.

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