Fort Worth

Fort Worth Homeowners Concerned Over “Sinking” Yards

Residents in a Fort Worth neighborhood say recent heavy rains are causing their backyards to sink, compromising their foundations.

Glen Eden Neighborhood Association President Terrence Watson says about 20 homes on the 2000 block of Sims Dr. have been impacted.

"You see that we have a serious erosion problem on our retaining wall and this whole thing is just going to drop down completely," Watson said.

Watson said the problem has grown severe in the last few months, with the level of his backyard dropping more than six inches. The shifting ground has also pulled apart fences, leaving a space wide enough for a person between the yard's of Watson and his neighbor Willie Sherman.

"It was closer than this at first, I had a piece of board right here," Sherman said, standing where the fence has separated.

The City of Fort Worth said they are aware of the issues and are looking into them. Watson and Sherman said they have reached out to their insurance companies but it's unclear if they will be covered.

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