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Fort Worth Golf Course Preparing for Major Renovations

A Fort Worth city-owned golf course is about to close, but not for good.

The city's Rockwood Golf Course has lost business as its gotten older. But now it's about to get a more modern look and feel and hopefully will bring players back.

A golf cart ride across the course clearly shows cracked cart paths and grass that has certainly seen better days.

"It's about the same old course, greens were in good shape," said Michael Yant, after finishing his round on Thursday.

From the greens to the fairways, they will all be in better shape thanks to $4.48 million in renovations that are set to start next month and be completed by Oct. 1, 2016.

"Really?" said Yant. "The city is spending that much money?"

"I'm glad to see the city spending some money because we do play a lot of their courses," said Mike Gardner.

With 78 percent of the vote, residents overwhelmingly approved $2 million for this project on Proposition 2 of the 2014 Bond Program. The rest of the money will come from gas well revenues.

"I think it's a really big deal for the City of Fort Worth and the golf division," said Nancy Bunton, assistant director of parks over golf and athletics. "It's been a long time since we've been able to do a total redo of a golf course."

The plans to overhaul Rockwood were finalized in 2009. The renovations should take about a year, but of course Mother Nature could delay or expedite plans. 

"Mother Nature has got to cooperate, the grasses have to go down at the right time," Bunton said.

With the 18-hole course closed Rockwood will still have options for golfers. The River's Edge short course will remain open, as well as the driving range at the Ben Hogan Learning Center.

Golfers on Thursday were excited to see the changes, even if it means they only have a month left on the current course. 

"A lot of history out here, but looking forward to a new golf course," Gardner said.

"That'll be nice, real nice," Yant said.

For perspective on the scope of the project, it's cost is just about equal to what the entire golf division's budget is set for Fiscal Year 2016.

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