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Fort Worth Firefighter Saves 4-Year-Old Trapped in House Fire

A Fort Worth mother is thankful this holiday, even though most of her possessions were lost in a house fire.

"It's about having your kids and family," Marian Apps said standing outside the charred home on Whitten Avenue. "I live for my family. I'm gonna die for my family."

Apps came close Friday night when flames tore through her single family home with eight people inside, including five children. Seven people made it out before firefighters arrived. 

"You want to do everything you can to save that child before its too late," explained Fort Worth Fire Captain Bobby Washington. "We will do anything to save lives."

Washington said police and the child's mother tried to get to 4-year-old Jullius, but were kept back by thick smoke. Washington ran inside the home, searching bedrooms, until he found Jullius.

"I heard him kind of whimper a little bit," Washington recalled. "I looked over in the corner, and there he was standing there."

"He saved me," Jullius said as he ate a McDonald's Happy Meal in front of his burned home Tuesday afternoon.

"Yep, they saved you! My baby was brave," Apps said giving her son a high five. "They're the true heroes. They saved my son."

"Hopefully he'll have a bright future and have a story to tell of how he survived a structure fire," Washington said. 

Washington knows the importance of having family close. His father was a Fort Worth firefighter, and so is his son. "So I guess it's in my blood," Washington said.

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