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Fort Worth Firefighter Recovers After Being Struck on Side of Road

First responders: It's one of the greatest dangers we face

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A Fort Worth firefighter is recovering in the hospital after being struck by a driver while responding to a roadway crash.

Just before 6 a.m. on December 31, the team from Engine 11 pulled over on Highway 114 westbound to check on a vehicle that had rolled over just south of Texas Motor Speedway.

Shonna Moorman had just stepped out of the engine to make her way to the accident when she heard the screech of brakes and squeal of tires.

“She tried to make it to the front of the engine to get out of the way and unfortunately was not able to do so in time,” said public information officer Mike Drivdahl.

Drivdahl said Moorman ended up with the lower part of her leg pinned between a car and the fire engine.

After quickly making sure the driver from the original crash was okay, the crew from Engine 11 turned their focus to Moorman.

“We’re conditioned to help people. But when it’s one of your loved ones, because we are family, it’s tough. You don’t want to see anything bad happen to the ones you spend a third of your life with,” said Drivdahl.

Moorman was lucky. Drivdahl said Tuesday morning’s outcome could’ve been so much worse.

It’s a situation he said has become increasingly common with road-side collisions or close calls happening at least twice a month.

“We always get people who say, ‘You guys are crazy for running into burning buildings while everyone’s running out.’ And I think if you ask any of our firefighters, they all feel like the unknown on the side of the freeway or the side of a major road is a greater risk than when we go to a structure fire,” said Drivdahl.

He said accidents like Tuesdays only enhance firefighters call for drivers to pay attention, move over and slow down. Their survival depends on it.

The driver who hit Moorman remained on the scene. There's no word yet on whether he or she will face charges.

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