Fort Worth Family Tells Package Thieves Beware

Cameras are rolling, and guns are loaded. That's the warning for thieves who dare steal a package from the front step of Kell Curtis' home in Fort Worth.

Kell and his wife, Julie Curtis, are concerned after hearing about front porch thieves. In the last 30 days, Fort Worth police said there have been two packages stolen from the front doorsteps of homes in the Oakhurst neighborhood.

“It’s one of the most beautiful best kept secrets of Fort Worth,” Kell Curtis said, describing his neighborhood.

After hearing of the two thefts, it was two too many for him, especially with the holidays coming.

That means there will be move deliveries and more packages left on doorsteps.

“It's really scary that people are that brave to come up to your front door and take a package,” said Julie Curtis.

The couple posted what can be described as the opposite of a doormat on Tuesday night. It warned would-be thieves, that cameras are rolling and the couple has guns loaded.

“It is a Texas thing, yes. I do own guns, and yes I do have cameras. They’re rolling. So it’s just neighbors, family: you’re all welcome; potential package stealers: you're not,” Kell Curtis said.

More signs around the side of the house drive the point home even more.

“They're a little forward, but you know what? If it protects us and keeps our property safe, I’m fine with them,” said Julie Curtis.

We asked Kell Curtis if he’d shoot burglars.

“In Texas it’s legal to do so, so if I felt threatened, yes,” he said.

Fort Worth police recommend you have someone at home waiting for the expected package or pick it up yourself at the carrier's facility to avoid being a victim of theft.

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