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Fort Worth Family Shares First Christmas After Adoption

A month ago, on Tarrant County Adoption Day, children joined their forever homes

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Some North Texas families spent their first Christmas together under the same roof, as true family members.

Stringing lights and hanging ornaments is a normal activity for most American families, but 13-year-old Emily and 14-year-old Jordan are experiencing it for the first time.

"It actually was new because I never decorated a tree before," said Jordan.

They were adopted by Justin and Jennie Godfrey on Nov. 15 -- Tarrant County Adoption Day.

"When we were looking at adopting the first thing we thought was that we were going to get a baby, but when we started learning about the need for older children, and especially for teens in foster care, we just had a place in her heart for that to happen," said Jennie. "There are a lot in foster care who need a family."

Justin says the new family of four is just starting to make memories.

"Well, he is becoming a ramen expert and she's becoming a baking expert, so we are always well fed around here," he said.

Jennie says even in a month's time, they've learned a lot.

"They teach me a lot of new fun things," she said. "New lingo that the kids all know and we old people don't really know."

While most kids count down to Dec. 25, for the Godfreys Nov. 15 will always hold the most meaning.

"It was kind of like adding a reset button, because I am pretty much officially getting a new family and kind of re-starting from scratch," said Jordan.

The Godfrey's first Christmas is in the books and they say the best is still yet to come.

"I think we are excited to start new traditions as a family," said Jennie.

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