Fort Worth

Fort Worth Family Celebrates Christmas in February

Christmas has come and gone for most, but not for the Grant family of Fort Worth.

The Grants celebrate Christmas in February. Retired gunnery Sgt. Franklin Grant was deployed overseas during the Christmas holiday in 2009. His family was not about to celebrate the holiday without him, so they waited until his return in February 2010 to share the joy and gifts of the season.

Seven years later, the family still celebrates Christmas in February.

This weekend, the Grants took their non-traditional Christmas to the streets of Fort Worth.

Curtisha Grant says they “decided to have Christmas with the homeless community by taking food trays and treat bags to spread some Grant holiday cheer." The Grants wanted each person they encountered to know that God loved them and their lives mattered.

Grant said when the food trays ran out, they went to the store, bought more food and packed lunches in brown paper bags to feed more people. 

Grant says she hopes her family’s February festivities reminds us all “that Christmas is a joyous season of giving and can be celebrated any day of the year.”

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