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Fort Worth Dog Lost for Three Months Found 30 Miles Away

Three months and nearly 30 miles couldn't keep a Fort Worth dog from finding his way home. The kindness of strangers and the power of social media brought T-Bo back to a loving family.

Joyce Haynes is keeping her dog T-Bo close, knowing how it feels to have him far away. He somehow slipped out of her fenced yard and set off on a three-month adventure.

"We looked. We hollered. Nothing," Haynes said.

She hung flyers all over her East Fort Worth neighborhood. They were printed at a nearby copy shop and an employee there went a step further, posting T-Bo's photo to a Facebook rescue group.

Before long, Haynes said, "I had over 100 calls."

People started sending in photos of a stray they'd seen way across town.

"They say 25 miles to Heritage Trace," said Haynes.

Haynes headed north for the reunion she'd been dreaming of.

"He come right to me," she said.

She's grateful to the neighbors who watched out for T-Bo.

"Feeding him ribeye steaks, roasted him a whole chicken and a pound of bacon," Haynes said. "I wish I was rich. I'd give them all a $100 bill if I could."

She’s more thankful still to have her best friend back at her side.

"T-Bo means the world to me," Haynes said. "He's my buddy. Dog spelled backwards is God."

And it only took a miracle to bring him home.

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