Fort Worth Pooch is LucKEY

Dog jumps out of RV on toll road, but is returned to his owners safe and sound

Key, a black Lab mix, can either fly, or he had some divine intervention after his last adventure.

The pooch travels everywhere with Linda and Jack Harris, of Fort Worth. Earlier this month, Key was riding back from a trip to Houston when he decided to jump through a screen window.

"I looked back into the RV and didn't see him," Linda Harris said. "I just saw the screen dangling, and  I said, 'Jack, Key's gone out the window. Oh no, no, no.'"

The family was going close to 60 miles per hour on the Sam Houston Tollway. They stopped at a tollbooth to tell the tollbooth operator. They then turned around several times to search for the dog, but didn't find anything.

"There was some tall grass on the side of the road, so we couldn't see him or anything," Jack Harris said. "We just assumed the worse. We both drove back to Fort Worth feeling sick and almost in tears."

Ten days later, a woman in Houston called with some good news.

"'Ma'am, I think I have your dog.' And I'm going, 'Oh God. Oh, my God,' because I've been praying for a miracle," Linda Harris said.

The woman had found Key and called the numbers on his dog collar. Jack Harris, who was down near Houston for a reunion, quickly drove closer to the city to pick up his pet.

"When I saw him, I just gave him a big bear hug and said, 'I can't believe it's you,'" his wife said.

The family said Key had a scrape on his paw and a cut on his tongue, but was running and jumping like nothing happened.

"He was a little tired and slept all the way back up to Fort Worth," Jack Harris said. "But I don't think he knows how lucky he is. It's a miracle."

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