Texas Connects Us: Fort Worth Distillery Builds Business on Black Eyed Peas

Some Fort Worth friends are making a run at the distillery business. They're marketing their own brand of spirits with a distinctly Texas twist.

Inside Fort Worth's old fire station No. 5, their new enterprise is brewing.

Todd Gregory and his business partner are hoping to stand out in the rapidly growing craft distillery business.

"It's a labor of love. It's fun. It doesn't seem like work sometimes, because we're building something from scratch," Gregory said.

It's a small operation with only a few employees, dependent on a tiny ingredient harvested from West Texas – black-eyed peas.

"It's all Texas grown by Texas farmers," Gregory said.

It's a twist on a spirit typically made from wheat or potatoes, and to their knowledge they are the only distillery making vodka out of black-eyed peas in the world.

"It gives it a unique flavor and unique taste and a unique smoothness, so it makes it unique from any other vodka on the market," Gregory said.

The key ingredient is reflected in the name, Black Eyed Vodka, and the label.

And Gregory hopes the bean known for good luck will lead to their good fortune.

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