Fort Worth Couple Gets $12k Countertops Replaced After Contacting NBC 5 Responds

A Fort Worth couple invested more than $12,000 in new counter tops but when their home improvement project left them with imperfections and buyer's remorse, they contacted NBC 5 Responds for help.

Bernice and LeNorman Strong bought their new countertops from Sears last November. Bernice said she noticed the imperfections on the day of installation.

"I noticed the dips and seams and imperfections in the counter," she said.

The couple quickly began to regret their decision.

"They were laying the countertop, there was a break in the left corner, they glued it together and just kind of sanded it." LeNorman added.

For months, the Strongs reached out to Sears management and even the corporate office. They were eventually referred to a settlement company, but more than a month of working with them led to no resolution.

"They told me the case had been closed, and nothing would be done," LeNorman said.

So LeNorman contacted NBC 5 Responds. We reached out to sears for an update on the project.

"Two days after we contacted NBC 5, we got a call from one of the most responsive people at Sears we've ever worked with," LeNorman said.

Sears sent us a statement saying:

"At Sears, our priority is ensuring the satisfaction of our members. Our member solutions team has evaluated the Strongs’ situation and will be replacing the entire countertop and backsplash. This is a value of more than $12,000."

The Strongs counters are now replaced.

"It feels very smooth. there are no indentations, no scratches, no bumps or lumps or anything," Bernice said. "You guys were a rescue for us."

And their investment? It’s something they’re now proud of. 

"Exactly what we wanted," the Strongs said. "NBC 5 gets the job done!" 

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