Fort Worth Convinces California Companies to Relocate to Cowtown

Fort Worth has convinced two California companies to move their headquarters to Cowtown in the past few months, wooing businesses with attractive operating costs and a lower cost of living.

Inside a sprawling 130,000 square-foot facility in far East Fort Worth, Panoramic Doors recently opened its own doors.

Each one is custom-made by hand.

"We're hiring!" said Executive Vice President Richard Suarez.

Panoramic, which sells doors nationwide, is moving to Fort Worth from Oceanside, California.

Suarez said Fort Worth sold the company with low operating costs and a pool of good workers.

"It's one of the reasons why this area attracted us, because of the talent pool and access to talent. It's phenomenal,” Suarez said.

Also the city’s location makes it easy to ship the doors to customers all over the country.

"There's so many runs coming in and out of DFW, we're just hitching a ride,” said Panoramic’s operation director Phil Mahaney.

Panoramic isn't the only California company heading to Cowtown.

A California electronics company is the latest to move east.

Chip 1 Exchange will move into a building near downtown.

"I hope California doesn't get too mad at us," said Fort Worth Economic Development Director Robert Sturns, laughing. "When you can get twice the house for half the cost here in Fort Worth and Texas I think that goes a long way. Just the fact we have some great amenities here as a community really helps to sell the area."

Fort Worth says its doors are always open to other California companies looking to relocate.

Even smaller businesses.

"You have to hit some singles and doubles and triples in order to continue to grow your community,” Sturns said.

California transplants say they’re adapting fast.

"There's a lot of pride for ‘Made in Texas,’” Mahaney said. “That's one of the things I learned moving to this state. There's a lot of pride in manufacturing."

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