NBC 5 Responds

Fort Worth Church Paid For Improper Paving Job, Community Steps Up To Help

All it took was dragging the heel of a shoe across this church parking lot and the brand new paving job crumbled to pieces.

Jimmie Florence, who handed over $12,000 of church money to the man who did this crumbled too.

"We thought this man was from God," she said. "He said he was a little country guy who loved the Lord."

The night we shared the church's story, James Hand was sitting in front of the TV. "It broke our hearts we wanted to try to do something," said Hand.

Hand is a project managers with Elite Asphalt. A family company, repaving everything across DFW, from concrete slabs, to city roads and now church parking lots.

"Seeing someone like that who's a good person and got taken advantage of and being able to come together and help her out," said Hand.

They helped the church out free of charge. They got other companies like Lane, Ergon Asphalt and Hanson to donate the material.

They did the scraping and sanding and Jimmie Florence, she did the smiling.

"This is the way you do a parking lot, all this equipment and everything," said Florence. "I'm elated over all this. I walked up and there's a lot of guys working and I wanted to hug everyone of them."

Florence says it never crossed her mind, someone would come to her aid.

She just wanted to warn others not to make a deal with anyone without a contract to make sure they didn't make the mistakes she did with the church's money.

"I messed up but God came through and NBC 5 responded," said Florence. "Oh you responded."

When the work was all done the church not only got new asphalt but new striping and parking markers.

"We're glad to be able to do it. It warms everyone's heart that we can do this work for this community for this church," said Hand.

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