Fort Worth

Fort Worth Christmas Tree Arrives at Sundance Plaza

The 55-foot Norway Spruce arrived from Michigan Wednesday morning

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Sundance Square in Fort Worth had a little more hustle and bustle than a usual Wednesday morning. Just before 9:30, a flatbed truck carting Fort Worth's Christmas tree rolled into Sundance Plaza.

"It's massive," Krystal Wilson said. Wilson and her friend Hannah Magan were visiting from North Carolina. "We're trying to figure out maybe how far that tree traveled to get here."

The 55-foot Norway Spruce tree was harvested last weekend in Michigan, where it's been snowing.

"It doesn't look familiar," Janice Murawski of Michigan said laughing. "Maybe when I get home I'll check and see!"

It took a crane operator, workers in a basket lift, and an army of people on the ground a couple of hours to get the tree off the flatbed and into its tree stand in the middle of Sundance Plaza.

A crowd of people gathered to watch the spectacle, and ponder about how this holiday season feels different from 2020.

"Like wow! I hope I never have to go back to a year like last year," Magan said. "It makes me want to celebrate the holidays even more."

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