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Fort Worth Children Find Staples in Halloween Candy

Two children in a North Fort Worth neighborhood found staples in their Halloween candy over the weekend, and now police are investigating.

Caden Faris, 9, said he first noticed something unusual about a Reese's peanut butter cup when he found a tiny hole in the package.

"When I opened it I found a tiny hole in the bottom," Faris said. "So I showed my mom and she said to crack it open. So when I cracked it open, there was a staple pointing out of it."

His mother, Jessica Faris, said she then found a second staple in a second piece of chocolate.

She warned a neighbor, who reported finding a third staple in her daughter's candy.

"I could have ate that and could have died," said 12-year-old Eve McEntire. "This world is sometimes cruel and people who do this -- they think it's a funny joke -- but it's not. It's really serious."

The families live in the Creekwood neighborhood in North Fort Worth near Saginaw.

"I was in shock," Jessica Faris said. "I was in disbelief. You know, you hear about stories like this all the time, but you just think it can't happen to you. When it happens to your child, you just can't believe it."

Fort Worth police spokesman Sgt. Steve Enright said police are investigating but the families aren't sure where they got the candy in question.

"We were all over the neighborhood," Jessica Faris said. "We live in a nice community and a nice neighborhood and you think you know who your neighbors are. But then you open up your candy and find something like that. You just can't believe it."

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