Fort Worth

Customers Use Facial Recognition to Order at Fort Worth Burger Joint

There's the old-fashioned way of ordering your meal, and now the new way.

BurgerFi in Fort Worth is allowing customers to place their orders using facial recognition.

"A lot of people don't want to go deal with the cashier, they like to walk in and do their own thing," said Max Roesh, the operating partner at the restaurant on Beach Street.

Roesh said he doesn't believe any other restaurant in Tarrant County uses the technology.

"We see a lot of millennials these days … they don't like coming in and waiting in line. They like this facial recognition feature. They think it's pretty neat," he said.

To use the facial recognition feature, customers simply place their order on the kiosk, pay and then select the option of "facial recognition."

From there, the machine will store your facial geometry for up to three years to look up your previous orders at the restaurant.

When customers return to the restaurant at another time, Roesh said they can hit the facial recognition button to find their previous orders if they want to get them again.

Around BurgerFi, customers had mixed feelings on the new technology.

"I think it would be a great idea … people are always wanting to do things faster, quicker, better and more accurate," customer Steve Lamar said.

"I feel it's a little too intrusive for me … I don't even do drive-thru. I need person-to-person contact," customer Greg Richardson said.

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