Fort Worth Building Bike Bridge to Downtown

Crossing Trinity River on bicycle will become easier

Fort Worth is building a bike-pedestrian bridge along the Trinity Trails.

The Phyllis Tilley Memorial Bridge will give commuters and others the option to cross into downtown.

"Commuters are already using our trails, but any ability we have to increase that number is certainly beneficial to the community at large because trails are cheaper to build than roadways," said Adelaide Leavens, executive director of Streams & Valleys Inc.

Right now, crossing the Trinity River isn't always a walk -- or a bike -- in the park. There are a few options to cross east-west at the Trinity Park area, but places such as the West Seventh Street bridge aren't exactly bicycle friendly.

Streams & Valleys raised about $250,000 for the $3 million project, which is being constructed south of the Lancaster Avenue bridge. The bridge is named for one of the group's founders.

The Phyllis Tilley Memorial Bridge will span 384 feet and is said to be the first stress ribbon-style bridge of its kind in the United States. Construction should be completed by the end of November.

Park-goers said they were glad to learn about the bridge.

"(There's a) lot of shopping, lot of retail over that way, and it would be a lot easier to cross if there was a bridge there," Gordon King said.

He said he and his family bike often along the Trinity Trails.

"This is the first I've heard about it, but I think it's great," said Lynn Morgan, who walks the trails every day during lunch. "I use to walk on that side of the river, but then the trail ran out up here, so that's great."

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