Fort Worth Begins Major Ice Clearing Operations

Late Saturday and into Sunday morning, city and state crews will work together in a major operation to clear ice from Fort Worth highways.

Department of Public Safety Trooper Lonny Haschel told NBC DFW the Texas Department of Transportation said it will bring in heavy equipment to remove ice that has formed on bridges and overpasses on Fort Worth freeways.

The city of Fort Worth, TXDot and the DPS are working to remove "cobblestone ice" -- rocky ice formations on highways throughout Fort Worth.

Haschel said 18-wheelers can continue driving the highways if they are moving. DPS will help move the trucks that are stuck on the ice to the side of the road, so ice clearing can continue.

NBC 5 crews on Friday and Saturday captured on camera several vehicles, including 18-wheelers that had a tough time navigating the downtown I-30/I-35W mix-master and other highways around Fort Worth.

The state of Texas Task Force will reportedly include heavy duty equipment, including road maintainers, sand trucks, salt trucks and other resources.

The ice is the result of the winter storm system on Thursday and Friday that brought sleet, freezing rain followed by freezing temperatures. 

Keep returning to NBC 5 and for new details on this developing story. 

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