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Fort Worth Attorney Who Walked to Austin to Raise Awareness Surrounding Police Reform Heads Home

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After walking more than 200-miles to Austin in hopes of presenting his ideas on police reform to Governor Greg Abbott, Fort Worth Attorney Leon Reed Jr. is headed home.

“There was never a single day that went by where I walked alone,” Reed said. “It was a really humbling experience because it showed that other people are just as committed as I am to the reform.”

Reed made it to Austin last month and has waited 35-days, holding out hope Governor Abbott would agree to meet. But despite meeting briefly with members of his staff, Reed said the Governor never called.

“It was disappointing as a man, as a Texan and as a marine to have walked 200 miles and not even be afforded a phone call,” he said.

As part of Reed’s plan, he hopes to improve police training and hiring. In doing so, he believes currently frayed relationships with communities of color can be rebuilt and policing as a whole can be improved.

“We want to ensure that anyone who puts on a uniform, badge and straps up with a weapon is the best-trained officer that Texas can provide,” Reed said.

And while he was unable to meet with the Governor, Reed said his mission is only just beginning. With a possible second walk with others being discussed.

“Meeting him(Governor Abbott) is not the conclusion, we are just beginning,” said Reed.

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