Fort Worth Assisted-Living Facility for People on Medicaid Closing

More than 100 residents of a Fort Worth assisted-living facility for the elderly and people with disabilities are looking for a new place to live after finding out it will close in August.

Westchester Plaza, the largest assisted-living home in Texas for people on Medicaid, will close its doors on Aug. 10.

Danny, a resident who only wants to be identified by his first name, is still looking for a place to live. He's one of the 117 people affected.

"It's hard. It's real hard," he said. "I thought this would be my last place to move because I'm on dialysis."

He said his health is failing, and he enjoyed the comfort of assisted living.

"I lived in a nursing home for five years, and I don't want to go back to a nursing home," he said.

Barbara Lynn Reed, 67, was shocked to hear about the closure.

"I'll be 68 a day before we get kicked out of here," she said. "I found somewhere to go, but it's not assisted living."

The United Way of Tarrant County is organizing volunteers to help residents move out.

"We have 117 total residents out there that are faced with the situation of having to be relocated in short order," said TD Smyers, president and CEO of the United Way of Tarrant County.

"Most of the people that populate that building are folks that are either older Americans or people with disabilities," Smyers said. "They represent people in a vulnerable population at a time of stress and trauma."

The United Way is not only asking for volunteers to physically help, but they are also asking for donations of packing material for the residents, such as boxes, packing tape, packing paper or old newspapers, bubble wrap, markers and loaner dollies or hand trucks.

For more information, call the United Way of Tarrant County at 817-258-8000.

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