Fort Worth Arrests Officer After Theft Arrest, Sexual Assault Charge

A Fort Worth patrol officer earlier arrested on a theft charge now faces additional charges of sexual harassment and sexual assault, the department said Wednesday.

Douglas Campbell was arrested Sept. 25 on a charge of theft under $50 by a public servant after an extensive investigation by the department's Special Investigation Section, Chief Jeffrey Halstead said in a press release.

Two additional warrants -- official oppression-sexual harassment and sexual assault by a public servant -- were also obtained. Campbell was arrested on those charges on Friday.

Police said that because of the ongoing, open investigation, no further details would be immediately released.

"The criminal and administrative investigations have not been completed, so it would be inappropriate to release any details," Halstead said in the press release. "However, our citizens can rest assured that any allegation of serious misconduct is investigated immediately and, as chief, I will never tolerate criminal misconduct and/or gross unethical behavior."

Warrants Reveal Alleged Activities

Arrest warrants are providing details though into Campbell's alleged activities. The arrest warrants state that the investigation into Campbell began in late August when two fellow officers informed the Special Investigations Units.

The warrant for the theft charge says the officers "said that for months they and other officers had been hearing rumors about a young black male officer engaging in sexual intercourse with prostitutes in their division."

They say they learned the officer's name when citing a prostitute walking in a roadway. Two days later, investigators started following Campbell while he was on and off-duty.

In an interview with investigators, a prostitute told them that Campbell would watch her in plain clothes after he was off of work and had discussions about sex. The prostitute said Campbell told her he was buying drugs from someone and asked, "When are you going to give me that ass?"

Investigators continued to follow Campbell both visually and electronically for several weeks. On Sept. 18, Campbell was called to a stranded vehicle at 2400 Riverside Drive.

The warrant says another woman drove up to Campbell and that the two appeared to know each other well. The woman asked Campbell for money, and he then took $2 from the stranded vehicle and gave it to the woman, according to the document.

The warrant says, "Campbell admitted that the money was not his and he was not authorized to give it to Williams."

That theft resulted in Campbell's Sept. 25 arrest for theft under $50 by a public servant.

Two other warrants details Campbell's more egregious alleged acts, including sexual assault and sexual harassment.

On Aug. 24, detectives interviewed a woman who said she had met Campbell about a month earlier. She said he approached her in his patrol car and uniform and began talking about sex.

After a few minutes, Campbell told her to perform sexual acts on him and said if she didn't he would arrest her, she said. Campbell stopped the conversation when another officer drove up. This act led to the charge of official oppression, sexual harassment.

This is the same woman who told investigators that Campbell watched her for weeks while in plain clothes and said that he was going to buy drugs.

She told officers that Campbell had sexual encounters with other prostitutes, the warrant says.

On the day detectives witnessed Campbell steal the $2 from the abandoned vehicle, they also interviewed him. During that interview, "Campbell admitted that he picked up a prostitute from that area named 'Chyna.' He said that he paid 'Chyna' $35 or $40 to dance for him. He said that there was no sexual contact between them."

But 12 days later, investigators met with a victim, and she selected Campbell's photograph from a picture lineup.

She told detectives that a month earlier she was approached by Campbell in an "unmarked car but in a full police uniform." The victim said she thought she was under arrest until Campbell made a sexually suggestive comment.

The warrant says "the victim was afraid of going to jail, so she complied." That is when Campbell had sexual contact with the victim. "She then said that Campbell was very rough with her," the warrant says.

The woman also related a second incident in which Campbell had sexual contact with her. The victim said "she and other women working the street try to avoid him. She said that Campbell never pays the women."

On Oct. 2, the victim took a polygraph that proved her statements were truthful. Two days later, Campbell was arrested on the charge of sexual assault by a public servant.

Prior Incidents

Campbell was charged Feb. 9, 2012, with misdemeanor assault-family violence. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss his case if he successfully completed a batterers intervention program. The case was dismissed on Feb. 1 after his successful completion of the program.

The Tarrant County District Attorney's Office said it's not uncommon for family violence cases to be dismissed after the offenders complete counseling to address their issues.

Campbell was suspended 16 days for the incident In July 2012, according to a Civil Service Commission discipline report obtained by NBC 5.

The discipline letter says Campbell went to a family member's home and began a verbal argument. At one point Campbell grabbed a woman by her hair, pulling some hair out. He only left when someone threatened to call police.

In the discipline letter Chief Halstead says Campbell's actions "show a lack of good moral character and are not consistent with the behavior expected of a Fort Worth Police Officer."

In February 2013 Campbell was suspended another three days for another incident. A discipline letter says Campbell was working the Central Division desk when he took a call from a woman who said her ex-husband was harassing her.

Campbell turned the conversation personal and at one point looked up the woman's Facebook page and began commenting on her appearance. The woman said that made her feel uncomfortable. The phone call ended without Campbell finishing the harassment report because he wanted to send her photos of himself.

The discipline letter says Campbell sent the woman six photographs of himself, including several shirtless photos. Campbell was on restricted duty for the previous offense at the time of this incident.

In the discipline letter Chief Halstead said Campbell "exhibited extremely poor judgment by researching the personal Facebook page of a complainant who was merely calling the police for assistance. His appalling behavior was compounded when he made a comment about her appearance over the telephone and subsequently sent multiple shirtless photographs of himself to a female who was a victim of harassment by her ex-husband."

Campbell had been with the department since August 2007 and worked in the Central Division. The department said Campbell has been placed on detached duty, which means he must stay at home during work hours.

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