Fort Worth Animal Rescue Group Pushes for End to Dumping Dogs

A Fort Worth group says people generally stop by overnight, under the cover of darkness, to leave the dogs

A Fort Worth animal rescue group says it's fed up with people dumping their dogs -- a problem they believe is reaching a fever pitch at one city park, in particular.

In the nine years since its inception, The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue says it's pulled more than 100 dogs from Amon Carter Park, which is south of downtown.

Members of the group patrol the park most mornings, looking for any animals that have been abandoned. They say people generally stop by overnight, under the cover of darkness, to leave the dogs there.

Founder of The Abandoned Ones, Judy Obregon, recently found a miniature pincher at the park. She remembers vividly how much the dog was shaking at the time.

"It was disturbing to watch," Obregon said. "And that's why I'm here -- because there are other options. We have animal shelters. We have rescue organizations. Why the park?"

Days later, someone sent her a link to a YouTube video posted by a user named "Robot Kitchen", which shows the dog's previous owners dumping her and her kennel in a parking lot at the park. The video appears to be from a hidden camera.

"If they were capable enough to get up at the break of dawn and come and dump her then they were capable of taking her somewhere safe," Obregon said. "That's the way I look at it. There is no excuse for that."

Obregon says Fort Worth Police are aware of the video and are looking into it. Dumping pets is illegal. 

In the meantime, she says the dog continues to show signs of improvement. The eventual goal is to find her a "furever" home.

To learn more about The Abandoned Ones and how you can adopt the pets they find, you can visit their website.

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