Formerly Conjoined Twins in Dallas Improving

To say that Emmett and Owen's progress at their new home at Baylor's Our Children's House is awesome, is an incredible understatement.

"It's been just over a year since we found out they were conjoined and I cannot believe where we are. I can't believe what we've been through, what they've been through, it's been an incredible journey," Jenni Ezell said.

That journey still has a lot of challenges. The boys are doing physical, occupational and speech therapy and it is hard work for the little boys who will turn one in July.

"They are working on rolling over. It's a chore with all of the weight they have, but they're doing really well. They are so close to rolling over," Jenni Ezell said.

The Ezells are learning, too. Before the boys can go home, Jenni and Dave have to know how to care for the boys' tracheostomy ventilators and feeding tubes. The boys are slowing being weaned from the the trach ventilators.

"If there's an emergency, we're going to have to react and know exactly what to do. So, that's the scary part," Jenni Ezell said. "I am less nervous every day. I feel like in a few days here I have learned tons about their care. I am more confident the more I learn," Dave Ezell said.

Bonding with the boys, they say, has helped their recovery and also strengthened their marriage.

"We've grown closer as a couple. There's nobody else that I would want to go through that with than this guy right here," Jenni Ezell said.

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