Former UFC Champion Johny Hendricks Finds Peace While Fishing

Former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks is preparing for one of the most important fights in his career.  Having lost three of his last five fights, Hendricks is training harder than ever before, preparing for UFC 200 on July 9th in Las Vegas, trying to prove he’s back to being the fighter who started his career 15-1.  He'll fight Kelvin Gastelum on arguably the biggest stage the sport has ever featured.

“Being a part of UFC 200 is a huge deal,” Hendricks said.  “The opportunity to be involved in something like this, it’s sort of a dream come true.”

But when he’s not fighting, Hendricks’ passion is fishing.

“If you don’t have something to take your mind off of it, you’ll go insane,” Hendricks said.  “That’s what fishing is for me right now.  It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, and with the hectic days that I have these days, sometimes it’s nice to just get out here and hear nothing.”

He hears nothing on the water, but when back in the gym, is giving everything.  Because Johny Hendricks knows a win in Las Vegas could put him right back in striking distance for a title shot.

“I’m going to get back and I’m going to be even stronger,” Hendricks said.  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that’s what I’m really thinking about right now.”

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