Former Texas Ranger Michael Young Hates Glitter, Just Like You

We all know the battle during the holidays. The "glitter battle." It can make cards and presents look so festive, but then the stuff is left behind EVERYWHERE!

You may have even done the "glitter shuffle" when you get a holiday card in the mail, rip it open and see it's covered in glitter. At that very moment is when the precautions go into place as you try to open and read the card without actually touching it.

Earlier this week, Former Texas Ranger great Michael Young posted on Twitter, expressing his hatred for all things glitter, and I don't blame him.

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Sometimes we can even get caught up in the allure of glitter. I found some beautiful holiday cards at the store just the other day. I purchased them only to get home and realize that they were COVERED in red glitter. I did all of my family and friends a favor and boxed them up and put them away in the holiday closet.  Maybe I'll use them one day.

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As you do that last minute holiday shopping, there's just one decision you need to make..... will you cover everything in glitter or skip it all together?

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