Former President Bush Checks Out House, Office

The Dallas Morning News is reporting former President George W. Bush is in Preston Hollow, checking out his new home and office spaces.

Reportedly, Dallas police used a SUV to block Daria Drive, the road that leads to the Daria Place cul-de-sac where the Bush home is located earlier today, but it's since been moved.

The flurry of activity sparked a missive from DMN columnist James Ragland, who's asking his readers to send him a note everytime the former President sneezes.

UPDATE: Preparations for the official Bush move-in are still underway, as D Magazine's Real Estate editor and Daria Place Czar Candy Evans proves in her series of quick shots on DallasDirt. Word on the street says someone is definitely moving in to the blue house (10151 Daria Place) next door to the official Bush residence, though our money is on that property being the base operation for the secret service, and then the former President's security force when the ear-budded MIBs term goes away.

UPDATE 2: Mr. Bush apparently did more than just check-in with folks at his temporary office; he stayed there from 8 to 3 yesterday, according to Candy Evans' sources.

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