Former Officer Indicted in Shooting of Unarmed Teen

Former Dallas police officer Amy Wilburn has been indicted on a charge related to the shooting of 19-year-old Kelvion Walker, sources tell NBC 5 News.

Wilburn is accused of having shot Walker, who was unarmed, while he was a passenger in a stolen car. Walker was never charged in the case of that stolen vehicle.

Kelvion Walker's lawyer, Geoff Henley, confirmed the indictment in a press release sent to NBC 5 on Thursday. The official announcement of the charge against Wilburn is expected to be announced Tuesday.

"On behalf of Kelvion and our firm, we are glad to see that the grand jury sees the facts the same way that we do," said Henley, who is representing Walker in the civil lawsuit.

The indictment paves the way for a criminal case against Wilburn.

"It is extraordinarily rare that police officers get indicted for shootings and other instances of excessive force," Henley added.  "Clearly, the grand jury found Amy Wilburn’s conduct egregious."

"We intend to move keep pressing forward, and are confident that a federal civil jury will see thing precisely as the state grand jury," Henley said in the statement.

Wilburn was terminated by Dallas Police Chief David Brown in December 2013 following an Internal Affairs investigation that found Wilburn violated the department's deadly use of force policy for shooting "without fear or justification."

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