Former NHL Hockey Player Sues American Airlines Claiming Assault by Flight Attendant

Jean-Francois Jomphe
Robert Laberge/Allspo via Getty Images

A former NHL hockey player has sued American Airlines, claiming he "was the victim of an unprovoked battery" by a flight attendant before a trip in July.

Jean-Francois Jomphe, who played parts of four seasons in the NHL for three teams, said he was flying from Kansas City to Phoenix on July 22 when flight attendant Mario Labault "hit Jomphe very hard on his left shoulder, telling him to remove his foot from the bulkhead wall," according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in central California.

Jomphe said he was resting his foot on the partition between sections of the plane to "avoid blood clots and discomfort" following recent surgery and claims he had done so frequently on recent American Airlines flights.

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