Former NFL GM Says Cowboys Need to Trade for QB Teddy Bridgewater

The Cowboys' current backup quarterbacks had a rough go of it on NBC Sunday Night Football

As Cowboys were getting dusted off by the Cardinals in the third preseason game, former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi tweeted the Cowboys needed to call the New York Jets about quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

The Cowboys' current backup quarterbacks, Cooper Rush and Mike White, were having a rough go of it on NBC Sunday Night Football.

I had Lombardi join me on my national NBC Sports Radio show, and he laid out why he thinks the Cowboys Hall of Fame owner and general manager needs to make a deal to acquire Bridgewater.

Newy Scruggs: "Last night on Twitter you were talking Teddy Bridgewater to the Cowboys."

Mike Lombardi: "Well I think, look, the Cowboys, they have no backup quarterback. They have had no backup quarterback. For some reason they fall in love in love with guys who know what to do, but guys that can’t do it, so they gotta find some way because we saw last year Deshaun Watson got hurt. We saw when Tom Savage had to play in the beginning of the season the Texans weren’t very good. Watson comes in and they were great. And the next thing you know, we get into a situation where he loses, they have the fourth pick in the draft."

"If the Cowboys lose Dak Prescott for any extended period of time, their season is over. They might have the first pick in the draft. I think you gotta have a backup quarterback. I think, if Teddy Bridgewater isn’t going to get traded to a starting team, which it does seem like some teams have an appetite to change the starting quarterback right now, I would recommend Tampa. To me, that’s the number one place I would put Teddy Bridgewater. Put him in Tampa. Let him compete against Jameis Winston and let him start the first three games of the season instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick, but that doesn’t seem the mode operandi down in Tampa. So, if you’re not gonna have him as a starter, you better get him as a backup and the Cowboys need a backup badly. A lot of teams in the NFL need backup quarterbacks."

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