Former Krum High QB Accused of Burglary, Arson

A former Krum High School quarterback is in jail this morning after being accused of intentionally setting a house on fire earlier this month.

Denton County investigators arrested 18-year-old William Wojciak on Wednesday on a warrant for burglary of habitation with intended other felony -- the other felony is listed as arson. He’s being held on a $300,000 dollar bond.

If convicted, the teenager could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The house that burned on October 2 near Krum belonged to a Krum school board member, according the Denton Record Chronicle. The homeowner lost several pets in the fire including a dog and a cat.

The Chronicle also reports that several guns and jewelry were stolen from the house.

The 18-year-old had been a quarterback at Krum but was not enrolled this year, according to the Chronicle.

Wojciak was arrested in August for possession of a controlled substance, a few days before school started and had been dismissed from the school's football team.


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