Former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller Will Run Against Council Member Jennifer Staubach Gates

Former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller said Friday she will run for a City Council seat 12 years after she left City Hall.

Miller filed the paperwork two hours before Friday's filing deadline to challenge City Council member Jennifer Staubach Gates to represent District 13, which includes Preston Hollow, parts of Northwest Dallas and Vickery Meadow.

Miller's beef with Gates has centered primarily on the debate over development at Preston Center and the surrounding area.

“The homeowners in our area are under siege by developers who are fully supported by our councilwoman with no regards to traffic and pedestrian and parking problems. And the homeowners need an advocate, and I’m happy to be their advocate," said Miller to reporters at city hall Friday.

Her move is an unusual one according to Dallas Morning News political reporter Gromer Jeffers. 

“This is very unique. In the history of Dallas, you know you can serve on council and then try to become mayor. But once you’re mayor you generally retire or ride off into the sunset and do something else," said Jeffers.

He went on to say Miller faces a tough race against Gates whose widely known for being the daughter of Cowboys legend Roger Staubach. According to Jeffers, she's also very popular in the district she's served a long time. 

Gates released a statement Friday saying, "I've got a solid record of leading for basics likes streets, infrastructure and police, and that's where I'm focused going forward. That's why I chose to run for re-election - to keep leading for these basics, and to keep our neighborhoods strong. We're on the right path, and we need to stay the course." 

You can read the full story from our media partners at The Dallas Morning News by clicking here.

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