Former Cleburne Doctor Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Patients Gets 15-Year Sentence

'You cannot hurt anyone else,' victim says

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A former Cleburne physician pleaded guilty to sexual assault and insurance fraud on Thursday and was sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison.

He once ran the largest private medical practice in Cleburne, but John Dang was stripped of his medical license after an investigation started in 2018.

Judge Lee Gabriel sentenced Dang as part of a plea deal in which Dang agreed to give up his right to appeal.

In an emotional victim's impact statement, one of his former victims, Christina Campos, spoke emotionally via an online hookup.

"I think of how you violated my body, of how you caused my parents to doubt me,” she said.

Campos was a teenager when Dang assaulted her in his medical office.

"I hope you genuinely and truly understand how your actions have affected me and there are so many hateful things I would love to say to you,” she said.

NBC 5 doesn't usually identify victims of sexual assault, but Campos says she wanted people to hear and see her comments.

So many people in Johnson County knew Dr. Dang personally -- and were patients -- that the district attorney recused himself from the case.

Fort Worth defense attorneys Bob Gill and Miles Brissette were named special prosecutors.

Following Thursday’s hearing, Gill said nobody may ever know how many patients Dang abused.

"There were a number we knew about and suspect there were quite a few more we never found out about because we kept learning of additional victims as time went on,” Gill said.

Before deputies led Dang out of the courtroom, Campos had the last word.

“This is my statement of closure. I'm happy and I'm thriving despite you. My life will forever be changed knowing you cannot hurt anyone else,” she said.

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