For Governor Abbott, the Inauguration is a Business Trip As Well

Governor Greg Abbott arrived in Washington, D.C. several days before the inauguration.

He has had meetings on Capitol Hill to talk about a replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

“I have been working with members of United States Senate in finance, working on a way to begin the process of strategizing and crafting what the new product will look like,” said Abbott.

Abbott is also working on border security. He hopes the new administration and the federal government will do more to secure it, so Texans spend fewer taxpayer dollars to do so. 

He will be reaching out to the nominee for the Security of Homeland Security, General John Kelly.

“Hopefully, we will see early and swift and sincere signs of what the Trump administration will be doing about securing the border,” the Governor added.

During Abbott's time as attorney general, he sued the federal government more than 30 times. So, as a new administration is about to begin, Abbott is optimistic about what it means for the Lone Star State.

“At a deeper level for me, I have been fighting for eight years now against policies that I think are bad for the state of Texas. And now, it is a completely different day,” Abbott said.

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