Food Truck Explodes Near Texas State University Campus in San Marcos

The series of explosions occurred near the campus of Texas State University

No one was hurt when a series of explosions rocked a Texas city early Thursday morning.

A KXAN-TV report citing the City of San Marcos said several food trucks were destroyed when a propane tank in one of the trucks ignited. The fire spread to two more trucks, causing a second explosion. The city later tweeted that the causes of the explosions were under investigation.

The El Morenito food truck, Tikiz Shaved Ice and Rondooley's trucks were destroyed, KXAN reported. The explosion also shattered windows at a nearby coffee shop.

The explosions happened along Chestnut Street, just steps from the Texas State University campus. One student told KXAN he thought the explosions were thunder.

"I thought it was unusual that thunder sounded that loud, I kind of chalked it up to that but I definitely woke up, heart was pounding it was that loud, I mean it was one of the loudest things I’d heard," said Michael Cugini, a senior at Texas State.

A university spokesman said the explosions posed no threat to the school and that campus is operating as normal Thursday.

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