Food Trucks Deliver Meals on Christmas Day

Christmas morning, volunteers and food trucks delivered hot meals directly to people who need them.

The nonprofit Give a Leg Up partnered with the Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church to provide hundreds of meals throughout Dallas.

Don Kaye Knubowitz and his wife, Ilene, launched the effort five years ago when they set out to feed needy families at Thanksgiving but ran out of food.

The family decided to hire food trucks and park in various spots around the city to reach families on Christmas Day. Volunteers also pass out bottles of water, snacks, warm clothing and toiletry kits.

“I feel like they’re so appreciative and the world needs to be more giving and loving on this day,” Ilene Knubowitz said.

“It’s also a mitzvah in our religion, the Jewish religion, it’s a good deed and it’s important to the family to give,” said Don Kaye Knubowitz. “Even if we don’t have, we give anyway.”

Knubowitz says the nonprofit raises money to help pay for the effort. Food trucks discount their food and the family covers any additional costs.

“I did food trucks because it’s the best way to serve hot food,” said Knubowitz. “I don’t need any permits and it comes ready to go right out of the box.”

This year, four food trucks traveled together to four locations in Dallas including a parking lot near The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center.

Wendy Sarmiento said she heard about the event from a friend and walked over.

“Being homeless and everything, it’s kind of hard. It’s just very emotional,” Sarmiento said.

Vernell Ross picked up food for himself and a friend.

“This is a blessing for them to be here and to feed everyone,” said Vernell.

The people who came could pick from a variety of food. Some trucks served BBQ, others Italian and Asian food.

“It’s fulfilling to be able to participate and give back to the community,” said Frank Nguyen who served fried rice and dumplings from his family’s Spin Sushi food truck. “Being able to be out here and do it on Christmas Day, it means a lot to us.”

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