North Texas

New Flu Shots, Mist Give Extra Protection

It's that time again to get the flu shot, but this year pediatricians are recommending the flu mist instead of the shot for children.

This year's flu vaccines are more effective than ever, protecting against all four strains of the virus, compared with just three last year, according to Dr. Ray Tsai, medical director at Children's Health Pediatric Group.

The new flu mist vaccine, a nasal spray, is especially effective for younger children, Tsai said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the spray for children between the ages of 2 and 8.

"It does appear to show some increased efficacy compared to the flu shot [for younger children]," Tsai said.

Children as young as six months can get flu shots, which doctors recommend not just to protect individuals, but also to keep the flu from spreading.

Monica Jaramillo, 12, got the flu vaccine at her North Texas doctor's office Tuesday.

“I feel really safe because they give me the flu shot," she said. "I recommend to everybody to come."

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