Flu and Allergy Seasons Team Up to Make North Texans Miserable

The flu and allergy seasons are teaming up to make many North Texans miserable.

“We are seeing our emergency rooms being inundated with people coming in with flu like symptoms,” said Zachary Thompson, director of Dallas County Health and Human Services. “It could be allergies, it could be flu, but it’s best to check with your primary physician to be on the safe side.”

The North Texas flu season appears to be peaking about a month later than normal.

“It’s overlapping with the seasonal allergies,” said Dr. Ray Tsai at Children’s Health Pediatric Group. “So we are trying to discriminate between whether this is a patient with simple allergies versus somebody with a flu-like illness.”

”A lot of the symptoms can overlap with the runny noses and some mild cough, maybe some itchy eyes,” said Tsai. “But typically for the flu and the more serious viral infections you’re going to have a fever, you’ll have some muscle aches and you’ll really feel run-down.”

“Usually with allergies, typically the symptoms are a little more milder, although they don’t feel good, it’s still more runny nose, maybe a little itchy eyes, but you can still go to work,” Tsai added.

Flu shots are still available.

The flu season runs through the end of May. 

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