Flash Mob Reveals Make-A-Wish Trip to 9-Year-Old Leukemia Patient

An East Dallas 9-year-old found out her Make-A-Wish request would come true in a very unusual way -- through a flash mob.

"I didn't expect to find out my Make-A-Wish this way," said Ellie Brown.

Brown was diagnosed with leukemia in August 2017. She was feeling lightheaded, so her parents took her to the doctor. Her bloodwork came back abnormal and within two days she was in the hospital beginning chemotherapy.

When she walked into Medical City Children's Hospital Wednesday there was a flash mob made up of hospital staff and her friends, performing a dance that ended with signs Hawaiian-themed signs.

That's how Ellie found out she was going to Hawaii with her parents and two brothers.

"[I was] really, really surprised," said Ellie.

"She once told me, 'I just wish somebody would pack my bags and we would just go somewhere,' she said. 'I would love for that to happen.' And this is about as close as that's going to get, So I thought let's go for it, and give her the surprise of a lifetime," said Jennifer Brown, Ellie's mom.

The Browns point to their daughter's strength for helping them all get through her battle.

"We have handled it worse than she has. She has been an absolute trooper through this whole ordeal and we couldn't be more proud of her," said Jeff Brown, Ellie's father.

Reminding all of us, that heroes come in all sizes.

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