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Flower Mound Rape Survivor Shares Her Powerful Story

Police working to identify suspects in sexual assault early Saturday morning

Flower Mound police are reviewing bar surveillance video that could help them solve a weekend sexual assault.

A woman was reportedly raped in the parking lot outside Z-Grill on Cross Timbers Road early Saturday morning, police said, and detectives are now working hard to track down the suspects.

NBC 5 does not usually identify the alleged victims of sexual assault, but Lisa Brock agreed to share her story and share a powerful message to other women.

Brock said she wanted to speak out because she's not a victim, she's a survivor, and she says it's OK to fight for justice.

Her assault happened at about 2 a.m. Saturday, but on Tuesday morning Brock's body was still covered in bruises and bite marks. Her whole body is sore, she said.

"I'm left with bruises and bite marks on my arms, chest and legs, and scratch marks all over me," said the 26-year-old.

"I have deep bruises here through here, and here and here, from someone aggressively biting me," she continued, pointing up and down her arm, chest and leg.

She's careful this week to wear sleeves. She said she wants to hide the painful evidence of her violent rape.

"It's scary that this could have happened to any woman, especially those that may not have been so strong or resilient in that situation," Brock said.

Late Friday night, shortly before midnight, Brock says she arrived at Z-Grill by herself. She lives a few miles away and is a regular there, going several times a month. She knows many of the bartenders and wait staff, and said she felt comfortable going there alone on a weekend night. But this time was different.

"Immediately when I got there two guys pulled me to their table, I hadn't even reached the bar yet, and then immediately they started providing me shots. And that point, I remember nothing," she said.

She's not sure if those strangers drugged her or simply intimidated her into drinking more liquor shots and not letting her leave their side.

Police said they're running toxicology tests to determine if she was drugged.

"The only other thing I remember is waking up with someone on top of me, having sex with me and biting me – and just knowing they were going to end up killing me. I remember praying. I remember nothing else," she said.

Brock blacked out again for a stretch of time, then eventually she came to.

"And then I remember being on the sidewalk at the back of the bar without my pants, panties or shoes, terrified," she said.

A waiter whom she trusted found her and gave her some clothes.

He wanted to call police but she begged him not to, asking only for someone to take her home.

She woke up Saturday afternoon and wasn't sure she wanted to file a police report.

"I went to the bar by myself. So obviously it was all my fault," she said. "I knew that's what people would say. 'What was she doing going to the bar alone and drinking?' I had [family members] even ask me that."

But she said she wanted police to investigate the crime, and she also wanted to speak out. She shared her story with her friends, and on her social media accounts.

"I don't think I'm a victim now. No, not anymore," she said. "I don't feel that way at all now. I didn't ask for that to happen, I didn't ask for someone to take advantage of me, I didn't ask to be bitten and left without any clothes. It was wrong."

Flower Mound police confirm they immediately opened a rape investigaiton.

Police say Z-Bar is fully cooperating, and they've also been able to collect witness statements from other staff members and bar customers inside the establishment that night.

Z-Bar has multiple interior surveillance cameras, and detectives are reviewing the footage.

Brock said she wants an arrest soon, in case the men who attacked her decide to do it again.

"The next person may not be a resilient person, they may not be strong enough and they may not say anything afterwards," she said.

NBC 5 spoke off-camera with Z-Bar owner Shawn Mash.

He said he's devastated about what happened, and his staff is fully cooperating with the investigation.

Mash has been the owner of Z-Bar for less than three months, but said he recognizes Brock because she comes in regularly and knows his staff.

Mash said he's looked at the bar's video and believes he has key video that will help detectives crack this case.

He also said that currently he has five interior surveillance cameras, but he will install three more by the end of the week.

A police spokesman said they don't have any documented reports of sexual assault allegations from customers leaving Z-Grill in recent memory.

Police haven't named any suspects in this case.

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