Flower Mound Police Recover $3,500 in Stolen Electronics During Arrest

Three men are behind bars on theft charges after Flower Mound police found them with several items reported stolen from local stores.

Captain Wess Griffin said officers were called to the Game Stop on Farm-to-Market 2499 Wednesday night for a report of suspicious activity.

Once there, clerks told officers that three men had just left after trying to get into secured cabinets holding merchandise in the store.


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While they were working that call, workers at the AT&T store next door called in a similar tip of three men acting suspicious inside.

Employees said the men did end up taking items from inside but not before asking one worker where the closest Best Buy was.

Working off of that tip, police located the men across the street near Best Buy where they found them in possession of about $3,500 in stolen electronics including ear buds, fit bits and video games.

Griffin said it was likely the men planned to re-sell the items online, as they had multiples of each.

"That's normally what we see, especially when you see large numbers of the same item being taken. You know they're packaged, they're sealed and then they'll take those and sell them,” said Griffin.

Officers also got surveillance footage from each store of the men inside.

They arrested Kendrick Pratt, Alzorey Jones and Absalom Jones and charged the men with the thefts.

Police say the items were returned to their proper stores and Griffin credits his officers for following up on the leads they got to get one step ahead of the suspects.

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